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Enjoy Vratsa's signature sight

A trip to Vratsa is never complete without a walk to Vratsata. This landmark can be reached by a 20 min walk through nature's very best. 


Water and the rocks have formed an impressive sight called Vratsata. Vratsata gorge is also the symbol of the town of Vratsa and directly connected with its name. Vratsata is an impressive rock formation, with cliffs among the highest in the Balkans– over 400 meters. Vratsata is one the most popular rock climbing site in Bulgaria. More than 140 climbing routes with different difficulty are traced there, some of which are emblematic for the Bulgarian alpinism.  


If you don't want to climb, a walk to Vratsata should still be on your list when visiting Vratsa. We recommend taking the bicycle track (mostly used by pedestrians) starting near Hristo Botev square and ending at Chaika hotel complex. From there Vratsata awaits you 5 min down the road.

No special gear is required, just bring your camera. Going there and back from town shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.