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Shopping in Vratsa

Things to buy

Vratsa is unlikely to be the most exciting shopping destination but if you are looking for some essentials and souvenirs here is where to get them from:


The main souvenir shop is located behind Hristo Botev square/ behind the Church across the street near the stairs for Hizhata. It is a pretty decent small shop selling all the souvenirs you are likely to find across Bulgaria such as fridge magnets, traditional pottery, Bulgarian rose cosmetics etc. 


More souvenirs are available just after you come down from the main square and get on the pedestrian street.






There are a number of pharmacies available along the main pedestrian street. Boots-like shops (DM/ Lilly/ Finesse) are also available along the main street where you can get toiletries and cosmetics.





Supermarkets & food shopping

The main supermarket in the centre of town is Billa located at the beginning/end of the pedestrian street. Look for yellow and you won't miss it. It offers everything you may need from a supermarket together with freshly prepared bakery items and dishes.


Lidl is also available in town and is located next to the main bus station. It also has its own bakery but overall offers a more limited selection of items.







Gifts, clothes & shoes

Most of the shops in this category are located along the main pedestrian street.