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Magura Cave

Bring your hiking boots for this unique adventure

The biggest and most famous cave in Bulgaria is probably not what you think. Despite being so famous and nothing less than impressive, it lacks visitors and it is likely that you will either have to wait for about an hour for a visiting group to be formed or take the opportunity to explore it on your own. Its total length is of about 3km and will take a minimum of 1.5 h to explore. Unlike other caves, its most interesting part isn't the different formations (although still impressive), but the gallery with the ancient drawings dating back a few thousand years.


The small number of visitors has also resulted in little investment in the sight facilities. Also, as a result of its abandonment during the years after the fall of communism, one can also see signs of vandalism which has spoiled this otherwise beautiful cave.


Yet, visiting the cave is a must if you are in the area and you will likely still be amazed as opposed to disappointed.


It takes about 2 h to get there from Vratsa and is a good sight to combine with the Belogradchick Rocks if you want to do a day trip.


Tip: the exit of the cave is quite far from its entrance so if you are driving there yourself, you can take the tourist train to take you back to your car (note: may not be operational every day).