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Day trips and mountain hiking


From hikes in the beautiful Vrachanski Balkan to day trips to the surrounding sights, the region will never fail to amaze its visitors.  Some of the places worth a visit include Borov Kamuk, Skaklya & Women's Water waterfalls, Ritlite, Okolchitsa, & Parshevitsa hut. More about the suggested sights and trails can be found here.


We offer a range of guided hikes, from the most popular trails to tailor-made excursions, for every level of ability by certified tour operators and mountain guides.


All guided activities start locally and the recommended seasons are spring and autumn. For more info write to us at


















































Example excursion:


Kachulya peak (1086m) is one of the most interesting peaks in Vratsa Mountain & Women’s Water waterfall (45m).

Panoramic view at Women’s Water waterfall 

Route details:
Starting point: Vola Peak near Vratsa

Endpoint: Vratsa city 
Route length: 11 km
Route duration: 4-5 hours
Total ascent/descent 304 / 958 m
Recommended months: April-May, October-November
Meals Packed, on site (not included)
Max. group size 8-10 people per guide
Difficulty: Duration = Significant Walk = Intermediate