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Essential info


Vratsa is a small town and as safe as it gets. Follow the usual safety precautions as you would in your own country.


A number of private hospitals as well as a public one are available in town. Make sure you have travel insurance or a European health card. 

Weather and when to visit

Vratsa's weather is associated with cold winters and hot summers with extreme temperatures likely at both ends of the spectrum. The best time to visit is in the spring, summer and early autumn. The beginning of June and early Septmber are highly recommended taking into consideration the weather as well as local festivities. 

Stray dogs

The stray dogs are an essential feature of Vratsa town. Strolling along the pedestrian area as well as along other parts of town they are likely to have a better life than you might think. Don't be alarmed if they come to say 'hello' but best keep your distance as you never know how they have been treated in the past.


Roads have vastly improved over the last decade although many are still not up to western standards. Many roads outside town have only two lanes which makes them slow and sometimes dangerous. Take your time when travelling and watch out for the holes on the road.


Many young people speak English and most restaurants also have an English menu which will make your life easier. Something to consider is that there aren't many international tourists visiting Vratsa just yet which makes now the perfect time to explore before the hoards come in. As everywhere in Bulgaria nodding your head means 'no' and shaking it is considered as 'yes'.

Social and business hours

Banks and local offices usually work Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Many shops are open until a little later as well as during the weekends. Everyone seems to go out during the morning hours until 1 pm with the crowds significantly reducing later in the day. Evenings often make the bubbly town look like a ghost town.




Most hotels offer free WiFi included in the rate as well as most restaurants and coffee shops. The internet in Vratsa as well as everywhere in Bulgaria is probably one of the fastest in Europe.



Post office

The main post office is located right in the centre of town, just off the pedestrian street near the old cinema building.




Don't hold your breath - there isn't one in town any more. Occasionally they organise some temporary screenings but you are likely to get disappointed.




There is a public toilet behind the old cinema and at the bus/train stations and coffee shops and restaurants also have their own toilets. Some may have a small charge in order to use them.




In most coffee shops and restaurants, a tip around 10% from the bill is expected and appreciated.