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Experience culture & traditions

Endless joy, enchanting music sounds, and beautiful costumes characterise Bulgarian folk dances. Being an essential part of the national culture these offer a unique experience to visitors and are an integral part of every special occasion and wedding. There isn't a Bulgarian who hasn't learned those dances at some point in their life and no matter how good, or not, they end up becoming, not participating at celebratory dances simply isn't really an option.

































Whether you wish to see or participate in this unique experience, prepare to be mesmerised. We currently offer the following experiences:


  • Experience a private performance by a group of traditionally dressed dancers keen to bring a spark to special occasions. 

  • Learn the basics of Bulgarian folk dances and participate in a dance workshop arranged specially for you. Both big and small groups are welcome. Prices vary based on the group size.

  • Observe an open dance class (usually in the early evenings and based on current dance groups schedule). 


Want to get more details and pricing, please get in touch at or through our contact form.