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Sightseeing in Vratsa

Discover Vratsa's history and enjoy beautiful sights

A trip to Vratsa is never complete without a walk to Vratsata. This landmark can be reached by a 20 min walk through nature's very best

Enjoy stunning views of Vratsa town. Visit Hizhata for sunset and prepare to be amazed.

Ledenika cave features an abundance of galleries and impressive karst formations including stalactites and stalagmites, dating back a thousand years.

The museum complex features historical buildings and traditional Bulgarian costumes, instruments, costumes and interior arrangements.

The Nature Reserve is the second largest in the country is a home of a vast variety of flora and fauna species many of which are endangered.

The Historical Museum tracks the development of the region and is the home of the Rogozen and the Mogilanska Mound treasures.

Discover the highest waterfall in Bulgaria & enjoy breathtaking views

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