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We are a group of enthusiasts taking on a mission to promote Vratsa and its beauty to the world. We looked long and hard to find an English language web guide for our beloved town but such was nowhere to be seen. This is how the inspiration of VisitVratsa came along and a week later the first English language web guide for Vratsa was born. We envisioned it to be the best (if not the only in the future) guide to Vratsa and the area aiming to provide information and guidance to foreign tourists. We hope they enjoy and love Vratsa as we, the natives, do.


We are no experts at web design and development, but we follow a common sense and basic marketing principles to make the website appealing to both visitors and advertisers. This is underpinned by our love to Vratsa, and of course - our love for travel. We have travelled to more than 45 different countries and we can wholeheartedly say that Vratsa is a place like no other, but the tourism needs a bit more organisation, marketing and a gentle push. We are now embarking on this journey. Wish us good luck and VisitVratsa!