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Welcome to Vratsa

A place like no other

We often call Vratsa the City of Gods and by saying this we are never far from the truth. Tucked away in the Balkan, Vratsa has been making visitors fall in love with her for centuries as it has done with its natives. With this in our heart, we have embarked on a journey to promote her beauty and vibe.

The 'Vratsa Balkan' Nature Reverve

The ‘Vratsa Balkan’ Nature Park is the second largest of the country’s parks and covers a territory of 28 844 ha most of which is covered with limestones. Unique caves and chasms can be seen in the park. Popular ones include interest Ledenika, Temnata dupka (Dark hole), Zmejova dupka (Dragon hole), Haidushka propast (haidushka chasm), Gardujuva dupka, Kalnata propast (Muddy chasm), Nevestina propast (Bride’s chasm) and Sokolova dupka (Eagle hole). The park is a home of 950 plant species, of which more than 80 are considered rare.

Beyond Vratsa

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Vratsa Town

Explore Vratsa

Located just below a steep, narrow gorge in the Vratsa Mountains, Vratsa town is great for exploring the surrounding nature reserve. It is definitely worth visiting as it has a unique charm and a number of attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss.


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